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About the Client

Oryza is a local rice mill registered business dedicated to the creation and management of high quality yet affordable organic rice based in Nasipit, Agusan del Norte, Philippines.

The Objective

Establish a unique brand that truly showcases the brand’s love for the katipuneros with its main theme and colors be the focal point of the overall composition of the brand.


The Solution

Our brand proposal aims a simple unique historical brand expression that will make the product standout to its market.The logo icon inspired of a rice grain which directly represents the product. We achieved a friendly impression and detail-oriented ends compose a premium quality product.

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We tend to create an Eye-catching colors, fonts, graphics and unique name of the specific rice varieties as their product.The packaging clearly contain details of nutrition value, ingredients, price, quantity, warnings, date of manufacture and expiry, brand name, and authority approvals.

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"Provide a trusted,friendly and organically affordable Brand ."


A local rice mill business that provides a good service and affordable high quality rice product in the industry giving the best customer service so that the customers not only come back, but refer new clients to as well, thereby giving us an edge over our competitors.

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